Wednesday, September 21, 2005

.....FEMA is refusing to reveal to aid groups the locations of thousands of citizens forced out of their homes by "Hurricane Charley," citing "privacy restrictions."

Original news source:FEMA Rule Blocking Aid to Seniors -

Some elderly citizens forced out of their homes by Hurricane Charley are missing out on vital help, including meals, transportation and in-home care, because federal officials won't tell government aid groups where they are.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has temporarily relocated thousands of Charlotte County residents -- many of them senior citizens -- whose homes were destroyed or seriously damaged by the Aug. 13 storm. But, citing federal privacy protection rules, the agency has refused to say who has been relocated, or where they've been sent.

Travis and other officials said their complaints to FEMA officials have gone nowhere. But in response to an inquiry about the problem Tuesday, FEMA deputy federal coordinating officer Brad Gair vowed to find a way to ensure hurricane victims' privacy while getting them access to services.
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Where have these people gone??
Thank you for any light you can shed on these very dark stories esp. considering the Bush CIA's involvement in MK-ULTRA programs and The Finders.

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Well, all of this is making me nuts, too. I'm so distrustful of BushCo, PNAC et. al. that I'm now beginning to think that some of them actually see this as a windfall. Think of all the rebuilding contracts that will make them even fatter and richer! This will be a huge boon to the housing and construction industries. The oil and gas companies will raise prices, which will be born more by the northeast than anywhere else (damn those blue states) and you can bet that they won't roll back the price increases even when NO is back up and running. Plus they solved the poverty problem in NO by forcing all those poor, black people to dispurse all over the place (I saw a quote from some schmuck who said that God solved the "public housing" problem for them). NO wil be rebuilt as a resort community, a sort of Las Vegas II.


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