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Alternet on Mercenaries

GOOD OL' DAYS continued Sep 16, 2005

To understand how the Neo-Cons are undermining our democracy read Banana Republicans by Stauber and Rampton. Then read The Republican Noise Machine (especially chapt. 11: “Hate Radio” and Chapt. 12 Information Wars by David Brock. These are two extremely important books which describe the destructive Neo-Con political strategy. They are both meticulously documented and thoroughly referenced. David Brock is particularly feared and hated in the Neo-Con attack machine because he has seen it work from the inside (see Blinded by the Right Block).

The tactics of the Neo-Cons will only succeed with the acquiescence of an apathetic electorate. Those who don't get informed and don't call them on their propaganda and lies (by objecting to media sycophants who repeat Neo-Con Big Lies) only help those who would undermine our Democracy. has it set up so you can email newspapers across the country to register your disgust at the way the media sycophants are pandering to Neocons by slanting their presentation of the news and by not aggressively reporting cases of the Republicans use of propaganda delivered by the news media.

It is up to YOU, who are reading this article(not somebody else) to take a stand for democracy. Without your voice we might see it slip away and sooner than you might think!

~~~I work for Blackwater on Sep 14, 2005]

Here go my poor little fingers again. I think I explained that some guys are current law enforcement officers in some capacity and may be displaying their badges for identification puposes.. I don't think anyone has been deputized, but it wouldn't be a crazy idea considering the circumstances. However I did ask about it unofficially and I was told that no one had been deputized. We may have some contracts protecting some federal agencies or organizations. Again it would be no surprise.

The whole insistence on authority to shoot to kill is ridiculous. (my note: Gov. Blanco said the 82nd Airborne (?) was locked and loaded and would shoot "looters" i.e. people who should have received food, water, dry clothing, blankets and a way out of the drowning City of New Orleans - your tax dollars are supposed to pay for rescuing victims of disasters, not imprisoning them and shooting them when they "loot" to survive.)

You people need to research use of force law a little bit. We can only use the same amount of force that is legally permissible for a citizen or security guard. We have the use of force information in our possession and have been briefed on it. Deadly force can not be used simply to defend property. If someone was deputized they would still fall under these rules but would be allowed to use force to make misd. arrests and under specific circumstances (ten. v. garner) would be allowed to use deadly force to prevent
escape of violent felons.

Why can't we get this crazy idea out of our heads. Are we authorized to use deadly force against a deadly force attack on us? Hell yes, but so is everyone else. I think there is some miscommunication going on on both sides of the story. Some BW guys may not have explained the situation in the proper terms, and some people in the media may be twisting words to better fit their agendas.

I am in contact with the guys downtown and we had a good laugh at all of the allegations we have heard. I had a team on speaker phone and we all laughed together for about 20 minutes. All of us have military and/or police background and we are trying to do the right thing. The last thing any of us would do would be to
confiscate weapons from joe public.

(my note: According to numerous MSM sources, citizens' weapons were confiscated whether by the 82nd Airborne, illegally acting against Posse Comiterus or Mercenaries, it was unclear since even a big name in journalism like Brian Williams had guns pointed at him and his team and lesser known journalists had their cameras smashed by police, see Amy Goodman interviews on Democracy Now! Pacifica Internet Radio)

what is up with the mercenary cliche? I am a us citizen operating on us soil. Is a guard at the bank or grocery store a mercenary. We serve us interests at home or abroad.

~In response to Lord have mercy Sep 19, 2005

We live in what the Bible calls the Last Days.

Things taking place now are clearly identified in the Bible as a sign that we are living in the final scenes of this bedarkened World.

Satan the Devil is behind these things, but Jesus Christ as the Rider on the White Horse depicted in the Bible Book of Revelations, will defeat him and bring about peaceful conditions.

We are tempted to point our fingers at individuals as the cause of the problems of Mankind, but it is not men that are behind these events, it is the wicked spirit creatures, the unseen Demons that work under Satan that are the ones causing so many woes to mankind.

We need to look to Jehovah God and his Son Jesus Christ as the answer to mankind's problems. Only by decisively taking a stand with Jehovah as the One that can solve our problems will we be able to be successful.

We cannot take a stand with any human as the solution. Our only hope comes from Heaven, Our only hope is our creator.....

~~Goodbye on Sep 13, 2005

I have to go now.

I am heading to New Orleans to give away what tools I no longer need; It is all I have to offer those that I have never given to before, so I hope it helps.

Toilet Boy - I hope you discover critical thinking skills, I think your heart is in the right place but your mind is in neutral. Pick this all apart for your well being, it is important.

Olypiada - Continue to read everything you can. Knowledge is one thing no one can take from you. It will fuel your engines and stir your passions and make you a tiger to be reckoned with.

Captain Marvel - If you are still out there, save us all.

Bogey11 - Scream from the rooftops, rant, write, and roll.

Ely Whitney - invent us another cotton gin and make sure we know how to use it.

BadLawDog - Be careful witsterilizationization thing, we may need some smart kids with wit to protect ourselves.

Sojourner - Continue the side trip into this world of craziness and help people understand it.

Colin, across the pond - Don't take your eyes off of our country for a single moment.

And many others I have read here, take this dialogue to the street, don't let anyone bury their head any longer. Make sure that everyone knows what is at stake and hammer it home.

It has been a great experience to stop here for a while, and I hope for all of us that something good will spring from it. I am inclined to think so, just because of what I have seen in the public forum over the last fifteen years. I am encouraged, because we are beginning to scream together even if does not now appear so.

I have to go, I have work to do. Good luck to us all.

~American education...Sep 13, 2005

When you drop off your children for twelve years with total strangers and ignore the importance of phonics in learning to read, you get a populace that should be capable of two things; not thinking for themselves and being able to push the buttons down at the rubber dogsh*t factory.

You have to go back at least 150 years to understand why you do something so f*cking crazy on a second glance.

My wife teaches remedial English and humanities to incoming freshman at a businessschool here in Florida. This year she is faced with full classrooms of students from many areas of Florida, mixed with the trickle of international students still showing up there. She is reduced to rants every night because of the domestic student's inability to read and an inability or complete lack of critical thinking skills.

The international students are clearly much, much better at our language than we are. Why?

John Taylor Gatto has written a book about this called The Underground History of American Education I urge anyone to read it if you wish to understand how we have become such idiots in the eyes of the rest of the planet, and more precisely, the
mindset from which it came. It dropped a bomb into my brain about the why-to-for on what I have always seen as my own failure in education.

Read it and judge for yourself what has been created and why. Then understand the fear of some that are training the rubber dogsh*t molding machine operators how to operate them with pictures instead of words because they can't read.

If we want better leaders as a whole, we must build better minds. There are those that think the masses can not think for themselves, in one respect they are correct. I think those guys are running my country right now. Guns and Daisies will not bring
us any closer to what we need to survive as a nation. We need reading skills, badly.

I have a friend that is a doctor. He brags about how he got through school without reading much at all. He hates reading because he can't very well. He also is a Republican in mind and spirit that has no intention of ever paying back his student
loans. He cannot defend his views at all but does so anyway with vitriol, anger; it is all he has. Sound familiar?

~~~The US President has always been a muppet Sep 12, 2005

GW Bush is clearly just a front for the problems in the USA. He can't help it if he is stupid, simple & a recovering drug addict. I don't think even he is aware of whats going on around him & ever has been. No wonder those around him appear like manipulative tyrants... since has texas beginnings.

He can't help being what he is. Monkey see monkey do. How can bush be the primary problem?. He's purely a muppet like Kermit & the cookie monster. The spin has been turning on the people of the USA since long long ago. Americans are too placated & too brainwashed. The system have been in palce since the 1970's. Its
really is some more powerful sinister force thats been acting on a plan for well over 40 years.

Luckily history shows empires (good or bad) don't last.

You all know bush is merely a distraction for what is really going on in behind the closed doors of power in the USA. Calls to impeach Bush will just draw the attention away from the real focus of modern American problems - a failure of general government and the consequential abuse of power. Look at the farce resulting from the last attempt to impeach a US president. What is wrong with the US is the fooling & dumbing of the citizenery.

Clearly a country which today globally spawns cr*p stuff like American Idol tv, fast- food franchises & an over-the-top obsession with the cult of celebrity has greater problems to deal with than being discourgaed by & blaming poor leadership.

Taking a chip of the top of the pyramid will do nothing to it. And it will stand for 1000 years. Eroding it from its very foundations from the bottom will topple it to the ground. Only then can plans be drawn up for an improved or new vision of


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