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Comments to FEMA Detainment Camp Article

6-9-2005 Surreal

We have people coming to San Jose and San Francisco. I wonder if it will be much the same.
This should be an ATSNN story IMHO.

In regards to quote: navy blue jumpsuits with insignias all over them. You can see them in the left side of this pic. But they were standing all over the place on both sides of the narrow street.
Given the repot of 8 ambulances at the location, those blue uniforms look alot like the EMS style worn by our EMT's so they could have been just out shooting the breeze. Perhaps the paramedics / EMT-1's are going to be the camps medical staff.

How close is the nearest medical facility to this camp?

Two last questions: Did you get a feel for the total numbers of troops there and the State Troopers / Highway Patrol (two different signs on the cars so i assume they are seperate entities)
And was the "If you leave you can never come back" edict posted anywhere? I would love to see one of the briefing papers given to the inmates here and see what exactly FEMA is saying to them. SO much for the land of the free

posted on 6-9-2005 Wow man. Maybe we aren't so paranoid after all. Too bad you didn't get any video, I bet Alex jones would give his left one for this story Valhall. Do you have any media contacts? I could give you some information if you want to take this story and run with it, it might not make clear the mainstream media, but my god you got pure gold there for the independent media.

6-9-2005 Keep in mind that people will be pissed off and order must be kept somehow. The EMS personel are there to 'check' them over.

Notice the word riot was used a lot, do they know something YOU dont?

Anyhow nice gesture and great story. I just feel you are over reacting a bit, my mother lives in a trailer park north of NO and they have brought some 'refugees' there. There has already been a shooting and a bunch of looting. They now have Sheriffs D's full time in the place I grew up

posted on 6-9-2005 Do you think I'm over-reacting to the idea of being bussed hundreds of miles from what I am familiar with to a place miles from civilization and from which I cannot leave?
do you think I'm over-reacting to the fact that federal agencies are treating people who have done nothing but lose all they ever owned to a natural disaster as if they are criminals waiting to make their next nefarious move?

6-9-2005 wow, valhall. i'm impressed with your whole family! your story reads like a 'red dawn' type fiction novel. surreal, indeed. i've been expecting this type of dress rehearsal for a long time, as many of us tin-foil hatters have. i feel it's only going to get worse, sadly. goodbye, sweet lady 'america', we barely knew thee.

Another odd note I was told, only cash is being excepted locally, no CC or checks. I am not sure I believe it, but it is kinda spooky.

posted on 6-9-2005 I'm in Baton Rouge and it is true that most businesses are only accepting cash now. Plus, the crime has indeed increased. There's a bunch of homeless people here who sleep in their cars I've noticed.

posted on 6-9-2005 at 02:51 AM Wow this is indeed a great story! You might consider forwarding to NPR news. I have many friends in Europe following the aftermath of Katerina story.
Would you mind if I forward a link?

posted on 6-9-2005 i have to admit i was very skeptical about these so called fema detention camps but boy was i wrong excellant post valhall

6-9-2005 I can't believe what I'm reading. They can't leave?? Why the prison conditions? What have these people done but lose everything? I have suspicions about everything I've heard and seen so far. I notice how quickly people are to turn on 'looters' and 'thugs' as they are now known in the rhetoric of this disaster.

It all sounds too familiar because most of the US went down this path when Iraq and Saddam were turned into the scapegoats for 911. Same way to refer to 'muslims' same disparing breath - same way to refer to them as 'animals' and to distance them from us.

I am so saddened by your post you cannot believe. Do you think it is possible they are being put there because:

1. The people who were in the floods know better than anyone what really happened? When the news was reporting the riots and looting and this and that - a lot of it distorted - what do you think the ordinary people experienced? If they can't phone and they can't go anywhere, will we ever know? Plus how much brain washing will go on in here? Some of the troops on arriving in NOLA said they were surprised it wasn't anything at all like they were told. In terms of chaos I mean - they called it organized chaos. Not the wild sodom and gamora like place before the destruction that we were told it was.

2. These US citizens who have now experienced the worst, will continue to suffer living in these conditions - what do you think their reaction and their loyalty to their governemnt will be like now? There will be anarchy in their minds and I will put this out to everyone - conservative, necon, lefty and right, christian and non... if you were treated like that - like a common criminal and like a basic animal, because of your economic status and your skin colour - would you be standing there pumping your chest up in pride while the flag waves and 'god bless america' plays in the background??? Pretend you have been starved, pushed around, frightened and have lost everything and NOW you get to go to prison with these Fema Bast****.

What country do you pledge your allegiance to? This is not about country anymore, not when your rights are taken away like this. Not when it is obviously about survival of the fittest - each person is on their own. 'That' is America. The idealism of togetherness and the little man equal to the big man is a myth. If you had a car you escaped, if you had money you were evacuated, if you are poor your fate was to lose everything, be thought of as a thug by your country and now you get to go to Camp Big Fun for 5 months.

While some of you ask yourselves what is wrong with this? What is wrong with you?? Can you not see this is wrong? Leave your politics aside and think of it in terms of humanity. If these people were such 'animals' how did New Orleans get by from day to day before the flood? For F*** sake it wasn't alcatraz. This happened for a reason, the looting, the animal desperation, the fear - it causes this. And now those people are paying the consequences for a government who is blaming everyone, especially the poor innocent people. Don't play into this rhetoric too - think for yourselves. V has done a great job showing us, now it is up to you to deny the lies and search the truth about what is happening.

posted on 6-9-2005 Wow man that's really crazy..
I agree with what others said, you should try and take that story to some news sources. I doubt this is the kinda thing FEMA/US Gov would want to be out in the open..but it needs to be! Times are really changing over in the US...

posted on 6-9-2005 Question, Have all the prisoners of the affected areas been accounted for? I have read some stories of prisoners being relocated.. But when the levees broke, was there a hurried effort, just to keep them from drowning? in other words, were cell doors just left open?
I'm asking this in light of Val's story, and the fact that security seems on the verge of paranoia..
Is it possible there are some, or even a lot, of hardcore criminals mixed in woth the refugees, and nobody wants to admit it?

posted on 6-9-2005 Ok, so let me get things straight.

Number 1: the camps were empty and there was not a single disaster victim there - and you took no photos of any

Number 2: everyone going to this camp will have next to no posessions or no posessions at all

Number 3: the police allowed you in, and told you that you couldn't leave different types of food or clothing otherwise somebody sometime might consider that to be unfair (that they didn't get the same "treat" their neighbour had) and you couldn't leave food that needed to be cooked so they wouldn't have to worry about accidental fires burning anything down and causing even more grief for the disaster victims and FEMA's reputation

Number 4: there are some ambulances, and EMTs at the "main cabin"- and you took some photos of them
Number 5: there is a fire truck or two - and you took some photos of them
Number 6: staff onsite had cell phone radios and a local satellite tower for communications - and you took some photos of it
Number 7: there are state police at the entrance - and you took photos of their vehicles

posted on 6-9-2005 I'd just like to say thanks to Val for this excellent and personal account of a small piece of this ongoing tragedy; a tragedy which will, for those directly affected by it, continue for months and years after the waters have all dried up and the bodies of those lost are put to
rest. Let's not do the usual human thing and forget about those still living once the images and the stories have also dried up from the media. Perhaps we could use this thread to post periodic updates on the treatment and situation of those placed in camps. Is the calm we now see merely the real "eye of the storm" as far as this entire disaster is concerned?


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