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Fascism Sep 12, 2005

Benito Mussolini was very clear in his vision of what was needed, a totalitarian government wedded to a a political system in which legislative power is given to corporations that represent economic, industrial and professional groups.

In other words, a dictatorship of the Rich. The puppet in front doesn't matter. When Bush leaves there will be another empty suit to take his place. It will without doubt be another decoy serving to distract attention from the real action, the transference of
wealth and power to the new rulers.

The Era of Big Government or the era of Big Bussiness Sep 12,

The people in this administration may be quite incompetent but I think they are competent mercenaries of the big bussiness'.

When Pres. Clinton said the era of big government is over, he might have been thinking of a more efficient government still keeping the big scary business' under control...

What one can see since the neo-cons have taken over, is a steady proccess in dismantling US government power in management, finance and military.Outsourcing management and control is the basic tenet of the neo-republican party.

Because Big bussiness does tolerate standards and people-government interferences..This administration represents big business that its growth has nothing to do with well being of the average americans. They will prosper with cheap labor, low quality of life, no freedom and no accountability.

Death Squads Sep 12, 2005

to quote a very shrewd political speaker "The reason why we don't have death squads like in haiti and south america, is because the corporations think we don't need them."

it made too much damn sense to me. 350 dollars a day to pay for mercs while our soldiers are probably going to be dicked with forced renewals of tours? i wonder where that pay is coming from? makes me want to stop working, and starve in the street if it means not having to fund mercs. Or, is this perhaps coming from our Charitable donations? or the debit cards they ceased handing out? blackwater...blackshirts.

never thought I'd say this Sep 12, 2005 6:39 PM

This makes me change my mind about gun control. I was for it, but reading this about the citizens of NO having to turn in registered guns -- yet these Blackhawk thugs have guns -- has made me reconsider. What's that saying the NRA types like:

"outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns"? Well, now these
government-sanctioned outlaws are the only people in NO with guns!

~~You are the resident story teller. You have lived long enough to keep track of this all. Me, it is too damn much, too damn much.
I also feel the desperation, the fear, the loss of innocence.
I appreciate you saying what you can not post. Thank you.

~~Ok Johnny, say you are sitting in your own sh*t for a few days, in oppressive heat, knowing your house, and possibly your family are gone. Someone has been promising you the Calvary for a few days.

Consider the psychology of the situation in their terms. What would you do? How do you know you would react one way or the other.

As a former volunteer fire fighter, I remember how I thought I would respond to my first interior attack in full turnout with sixty pounds of breathing apparatus. I was scared sh*tless, but I made it. On the other hand, I saw people with enormous courage falter when it got hot, and shields were melting. The point is we never really know whether we would bash the glass at Walmart for some diamond rings, electronics, whatever.

What happens to us all when there is no one watching, and the
world has turned upside down. The whole idea of applying a global term to the entire populace stranded there by choice or circumstances immediately turns a receptive audience into a non-receptive one because this is all so damn complex. We are trying to wrestle a five-hundred pound marshmallow here with what we believe, what we know, and our fears about how this thing has turned us all inside out.

On another note, I have spent the last year driving all over the country (45k in ten months alone) doing little government jobs. In my travels I have encountered a litany of individuals that have one thing in common: their lives were good enough, and they were busy enough to allow a shallow glance over the events of the world, nothing really affecting them directly. A thing I believe we are now correcting in a simple way. We are talking to one another more deeply about our future instead of pretending it is all fine. Just look at the number and variety of people posting right here as evidence of that.

~~~~Someone has to keep all those hungry people away from the food.

Bubbas with AK's are protecting TRASH.

From what threat? The hungry?

There is no excuse. Just shame, pity, regret, loss of American esteem.

~~But I guess we should bypass a fair trial, judge, jury. No need to charge them, or allow them to defend themselves in court. Nope, lets juts open fire. Get real moron.

These are AMERICANS! We are in AMERICA. You can't shoot them. They get a trial, moron.

Its not as if they can get to a bank and withdraw money to pay. And they can't use electronic debit cards without electricity. Paying is not even a possibility.

Clothes are Inexcusable? They should remain in their wet, contaminated clothes for days? You have NO compassion.

Let's say I steal an FM radio? It could save my life. One merc might agree, but another might put a bullet in your face. Just have some compassion, billions are now pouring in aid. Even if somebody took a TV, I say WTF? They lost their whole city!

Let's not shoot people over some consumer electronics. Besides, the bulk of the so-called looting is for survival supplies.

side note: Calvary is a city, you mean cavalry. It's the cavalry that is shooting Americans.

~~That is a very good question. In planning for disaster response under FEMA's normal process, one key step is for the emergency manager to have a book with all the "authorities" (laws and regulations) that they are supposed to operate under. That
covers Federal, state and local. The object is to do everything legally, and within the bounds of the authority granted. It is also used to find potential conflicts in the laws and regulations, and point them out so that legislators can de-conflict them.

Here, apparantly, the governor of the state hired a third-party contractor, who is also a federal government contractor. It is an interesting question as to how many such contractors can be hired, before it begins to "degrade" the federal effort in Iraq.
At both levels, contractors are supposed to be Equal Opportunity Employers, and conform to federal and state laws. In a gung-ho business like mercenaries, it is not probable that their employers are in strict conformance with those laws and
regulations. Another question raised is whether some of the money from the contractors gets funneled into political campaigns somehow.

Another can of worms has surfaced.

~~New Orleans is teeming with all kinds of law enforcement-and now we have these "security" forces masquerading as cops. The Blackwater thugs who roam the flooded city are just looking for a reason to blow away anyone they suspect as a "criminal." What is their purpose? Are they the ones who are going to do the dirty work? To drag the remaining residents out of their homes?

If these guys want "action", why won' they go to Sierra Leone or some other hell on earth, where the killing is a daily sport.
New Orleans is an occupied city bristling with police activity in our police state of a nation.

Be afraid, folks. They may come to your city sooner than you think.


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