Wednesday, October 26, 2005

NBC Asks, "Where are the Children of NOLA" and BTW Where are the Adults?

Senator Reid blasted the Republicans over these misplaced priorities and continued favoring of the wealthy
few. “Republicans talk a good game about helping victims, but when it comes time for meaningful action,
they are nowhere to be found,” said Sen. Reid.

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MBC Nightly News Brian Williams
October Wednesday 26th 2005

~They're stuck in shelters all over the country.. some very far away indeed. When they get back to New Orleans, they may not even have the little they had when the water receded.

Where have all the children gone?
New Orleans lacks a lot of things, including young children


• Where are the children?

Oct. 19: There is a noticeable absence of children in New Orleans. NBC's Carl Quintanilla reports.

Nightly News

• Questions about rebuilding New Orleans
• A nightmare in New Orleans
• New study re-ignites debate over child care
• In New Orleans, the working class disappears
• New Orleans struggles to restore law and order

• Nor’easter reinforced by Wilma bears down
• Death toll for U.S. troops in Iraq reaches 2,000
• Report: Cheney told top aide of CIA officer

• Protect nature to prevent disease, experts say
• Dead lab worker's records mean freedom to convicts
• 76-year-old man found after 18 days

By Carl Quintanilla
Correspondent NBC News
Updated: 7:35 p.m. ET Oct. 19, 2005

NEW ORLEANS — There are plenty of things missing from New Orleans these days, but perhaps nothing is as noticeable as the absence of children. The city is virtually "childless," and that's done little to lift people's spirits here.

In a town of empty playgrounds and abandoned toys, David Day's son, Thomas, is alone.

Where are his friends?


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