Friday, October 07, 2005

Newsmax and Propaganda for The New World Order

Also watch the news offered in Newsmax for some of the best propaganda of the NWO. Then read between the lines to get clues about the real purpose of the propaganda. The end game is getting closer and we can ill afford to be distracted.,schanberg,51276,1.html

Goldstein uses the truth to spin still another step in the Illuminati agenda--The New World Order of the Hidden Hand

Air Pacifica link this is Mr. Anybody But Bush, couldn't we do better than that.
How ill Bush is Cheney held together by batteries, still evil..

''Scary, scary John Kerry''--Someone is making sure that voters must choose between two evils.
The fallacy of the 'anybody but Bush' movement

Aim is to get rid of the Middle Class and Working Class and have only slaves and an elite of rulers - they want to kill at least 5 billion people and that includes Americans and that includes you and your children because you are not one of the elite which you are born into like royalty and therefore barbarians and it is considered honorable to lie and cheat and murder barbarians and that means almost everyone. Wake up. Read, think and learn how to fight this satanic group.

Here's something to send out to your neoconservative buddies. We aren't fooled by Kerry. We know that he's an Illuminati agent six ways from Sunday. Since the stool is being kicked out from under Bush to let him twist slowly in the wind as another great Republican once put it, and the sudden upturn of Kerry's candidacy, it is more and more obvious that Kerry, the Skull and Bonesman, CFR, Tweedledee to Tweedledum, is the likely choice of the Hidden Powers this election.

More than half the nation will cheer and go back to sleep so the final touches can be put in place to announce the New World Order, the draft, and the new wars on Syria and Iran.

People are waking up after the gross and obvious theft of the election from Kerry and I and others have learned more than wanted and can barely stand about the real objectives of The New World Order. Knowledge is power, use it to save yourselves, your children and grandchildren and your immortal soul. When Jesus comes you do not want to be supporting the continuation of The Third Reich and turning the soldiers they don't murder by not giving enough food, training and armor into SS Gestapo.

Look at the very real Nazi connections of the people surrounding Bush. Karl Rove's father built one of the death camps as an SS officer. Read Infowars as to how much Arnold, whose father volunteered to be SS officer, showed early in his career journalists his long playing records of hitler's speeches and marched around the house to the Nazi music and stated that the person he most admired was hitler.

Look at the aims of the Third Reich and the things the bush regime is doing.,schanberg,51276,1.html
BCCI banking scandal www.halliburtonwatch.orgwww.businessiraq.comwww.

The play about war profiteers All My Children Clifford Odets

Poll Finds Americans Uninformed on Bush, Kerry Issues
By WILL LESTER, AP''Military Families Speak Out'' ''Military Moms with a Mission,'


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