Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Questions for Ed K.


Let's hope this does make it into the mainstream media.

Some questions have not been answered. They are rellevent questions. Ed hasn't come back to respond to them. It could be that he didn't like the responses that some members here have posted, but what did he expect to happen at a conspiracy theory website? Did he expect to be welcomed with open arms and his word to be taken as gospel by all?

Some may have reacted that way, and others may have been a tad bit "enthusiastic" in their responses, but Val responded to his rebuttal with good questions and I added a couple, NONE of which have been answered. I personally am neither condemning Ed as the enemy, nor am I quick to worship his accomplishments and proclaim him to be honorable or caring. I'm simply asking questions based on Val's experiences at the Falls Creek Camp in comparison to completely different ways of handling evacuees that are here in

No one here is being isolated from the population for fear of spreading disease.

No one here is in need of an isolated camp where they need military protection.

There are mountain cabins in North Georgia and other secluded camp areas that would serve such a purpose if evacuees needed to be isolated from the population for some reason.

Job fairs have been held and people have been hired to work and support themselves and their families, evacuee children have been welcomed into schools. No one here is turning away anyone's donation of clothing, food, or anything else here in Atlanta because it's obviously needed. The Fulton county animal shelter even accepted animal evacuees who are now up for adoption as

I want to know what is different about the residents of the Falls Creek camp from any other evacuees of the same disaster? Some of the evacuees here in Atlanta were exposed to the fetid flood waters and are being treated for that, but none are isolated in a camp outside of the City. What is different about the Falls Creek Camp residents? Any answers on that?

The evacuees are to be at the Falls Creek camp for five months. Neither Ed nor anyone else has answered as to what happens to them after that. No one has yet offered any answers to your other questions, mine or Val's. Questions need to be asked and answered so that we know exactly what is going on there. If Ed isn't going to answer them, then perhaps some other "qualified" individual who is "caring" can answer them for us. Ed can't be the only person who knows the answers to these questions, could he?

I'm still having a problem with the need to isolate the camp residents from populated areas. Are these particular evacuees contageous with something that they don't want to spread to populated areas? Some thoughts:

* If the explanation for isolating the Falls Creek Camp residents is to inoculate them so that they don't spread disease to populated areas, other evacuees from New Orleans who were exposed to the same contaminants were treated here in Atlanta without isolation from the population and are not living in isolated areas from the population.

* It is understood that the Falls Creek Camp residents are to be housed there for five months. Is anything being done about assisting them with obtaining employment, while housed at Falls Creek?

* Is anything being done about getting the children of Falls Creek families into schools. Since those schools are not close to the camp, how will the children be transported to and from school?

* Why do the Falls Creek Camp residents require Military AND police protection?

All these questions should be answered straight up without excuses or rhetoric.

He did NOT answer my questions. He gave me the excuses for why certain policies were to be implemented. Fine. He did NOT answer the important questions that have concerned me from the time I wrote my account. I'm not looking for a conspiracy. I'm looking to get confirmation that these people's civil rights are not going to be restricted if they come to this camp.

That's not looking for a conspiracy. That's looking out for my fellow citizens!

IMO Valhall has not in any way jumped to any conclusions!

She has the great gift of empathy! If you were in the situation these people are, lost family members, no homes, no food, no money, no job, their whole life lost!

Just think about that for one minute, what would YOU do? How would you feel bout boarding a plane not knowing where it was taking you? How would you feel about being dropped off at a camp where you couldn't choose what you wanted to eat or when you wanted to eat? Couldn't choose the toys for your children! Not to mention being seperated into male or female cabins! I know, I for one would want to be with my husband and son. I also would accept and appreciate having visiters and making new friends, how else could I possibly start a new life?

All I ask is to put yourself in their place. What would you do? How would you feel?



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