Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Shepard Smith E-Mail

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Dear Shep,

I wanted to thank you again for trying to save lives at the NOLA
Superdome. It is unbelievable that these people were locked in with no food or water, even after the MREs had been delivered earlier in the day and the film of you and Geraldo, rightly livid about the starvation and lack of water of these imprisoned people and the Iraqi-type checkpoint not only turning people away
from getting to water, food and lights but shooting over their heads.

I have gotten out of the habit of watching TV but will try to watch your regularly scheduled program, people have been asking on blogsites if you have appeared on TV after your courageous attempt to save lives.

I am concerned with 2 articles on the Above Top Secrets.com site, the one I just read had to do with Nuclear Contamination in the water of NOLA and the real possibility of something thousands of times greater than Love Canal by the flooding of nuclear reactors and the possible destruction of a nuclear reactor in the Gulf.

The second was the Fema Detainee camps which continued in a Rebuttal but the same questions were raised and not answered and a very strange appearance by someone claiming to be with the Oklahoma govt who had posted on Above Top Secret before but changed his bio which included a great deal of security, military
and bio weapons experience, he also was a Federal Marshall.

Also the missing mice with bubonic plague in another state, from a Dental School?? and leading to the missing 5,000 monkeys in NOLA labs that were hosts to Anthrax, other bioweapons and diseases and if the NOLA Evacuees are contaminated and should be quaranteened (but with adequate news media and citizen reportage as to how they are being treated) very suspicious forced evacuations to Utah and other far away states that have been declare disaster areas, possibly as an excuse to declare martial law and for bushco to avoid Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald and his 3 Grand Juries from issuing indictments against the Bush Regime and sending the Federal Marshalls.

*The Blackwell Mercenaries, the 82nd Airborne, the illegally armed Mexican troops in NOLA call out for investigative reporting by the Mainstream Media and if you could explore these issues on your show would be of great benefit to the many people who are asking questions and people who should know about decisions being made that are not in the best interests of the American people.



The forum thread for the Report on Fema Detainees would not work as a link or when I typed into search engine but can be found on the abovetopsecrets home page.

Thank you for caring about human life and doing something to really help.

God Bless,

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