Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Start reading up on the Resistance to the Nazis.

~It is also the reason for Gitmo, Ted Rall wrote that THE STENCH OF DAUCHAU IS OVER GUANTANAMO BAY and that Dauchau started out as torture training and to harden young men enough to torture innocents but eventually became a death camp.

Thom Hartman asked George Galloway a month or so after his Oil For Food Scandal appearance where he spoke the truth to the only two members of that shameful charade showed up because they knew the evidence against Galloway was "fixed" - about the death chambers at Gitmo and Galloway sounding very discouraged said they get away with what they want.

A few weeks ago a link to a site with some earlier torture pictures showed a dramatic photo of a noose in the foreground with a trapdoor and several men against the wall in orange jumpsuits. Someone wrote that the sick Rumsfeld was only interested in the death chambers when he went to Iraq so I guess they are executing people not just beating them to death. Start reading up on the Resistance to the Nazis.

There is a website called Resistance.

~Corbin interviews John Conner, author of The Resistance Manifesto, a book that tackles the personalities and the agendas of the New World Order. John exposes the Luciferian plot.

~In light of what occurred in Utah last week. People should be prepared to defend their right to peacefully assemble. Those planning to attend Burning Man this month should organize to defend the festival from this kind of attack

~Fintan Dunne discusses the use of propaganda in the current terror campaign and its benefits
toward G8 goals and the propagation of a military state in the UK and beyond. Also discusses controversial "CIA Internet Fakes" story. Part One & Part Two Police State III: Total EnslavementConspiracy: Source The greatest evil that mankind has ever faced is among us: a scientifically crafted global dictatorship sworn to enslave every man, woman and child. The United States government, at all levels has fallen under the control of the desperately wicked New World Order clan. The events of Sept 11th mark the initiation of the final sick push of the illuminati to consolidate their one world order and transform earth into a prison planet.

The Age of Terror: In the Name of the State Media: Source

The film reveals the extent of American backing of the Contras in Nicaragua and the notorious 'School of the Americas'. Another aspect of terrorism is illustrated by the terrible human tragedies resulting from Argentina's Dirty War of the late 70s and 80s. In concluding, the film briefly returns to the Middle East.

Fascism Comes to the US: The Utah Rave Video
News: Source This event was 100% legal. They had every permit the city told them they needed.
They had a 2 MILLION DOLLAR insurance policy for the event. They had licensed security guards at the gates confiscating any alcohol or drugs found upon entry (yes, they searched every car on the way in). Oh, I suppose I should mention that they arrested all the security guards for possession.



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