Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Utah county indicate excessive force used by Sheriff and SWAT officer

by American who has HAD ENOUGH Thursday August 25, 2005
getting closer and closer still... to civil war.

~~Many eyewitness accounts indicate that officers singled out party goers attempting to document the events on camcorders, cameras and camera phones. Victims have claimed that officers knocked cameras out of the hands of the owner, even confiscating some. Luckily, one video has surfaced, and is quickly spreading across the internet, as well as being featured by at least one local news station.

The video clearly displays a large number of officers dressed in full camouflage fatigues, some brandishing rifles. In the higher quality version of the video, which includes sound, it is apparent that the use of a taser was employed. While the video is somewhat unclear at times, the viewer can plainly see an officer atop a young girl fully subdued on the ground on her stomach; he swings on her at least twice, as more officers rush forward to manhandle the girl. It is clear that many others were subdued using similar levels of force.
to the press after the military refused to do anything, he must have kept a copy to protect himself.

Seymour Hersh when he wrote about these photos and the shrieks of children being sodomized also wrote about a mother who had contacted him who was concerned for her daughter who had been at Abu Ghraib when this was taking place.

The daughter started getting more and more black tatoos and then left her husband, and I think her child, moved to another city and refused to have anything to do with her family. Her mother, after her daughter refused to talk to her when she came to visit, got the landlord to let her in and she looked on her daughters computer that the mother had bought for her daughter to watch movies when she was stationed in Iraq.

Hersh said that the mother saw the pictures which no mother should see or daughter either. Apparently the daughter was so haunted by what happened that she had the photos on her computer with easy access.

This is very puzzling, esp. when the police who beat up those teenagers at the Rave in Utah, though they went after those with camcorders first, there was one video that is now ciculating on line of the police coming in with riot gear and the fact that people were having fun, had all their permits in order and many girls were singled out by the police for savage beatings and some of it is on tape along with the use of tasers.

Police Raid Outdoor Music Event

Numerous accounts from attendees of an outdoor electronic music event in Utah county indicate excessive force used by Sherrif and SWAT officers. A video has surfaced depicting officers dressed in full military fatigues raiding the main stage of the event. Local news stations side with police in initial reports.

Attendees of the outdoor electronic music event dubbed "Versus II" taking place the evening of Saturday, August 20th in the Diamond Fork area of Spanish Fork Canyon in Utah County arrived at the event with confidence that the concert organizers had obtained the proper permits and legal clearance to hold the event.

Personal accounts available at the local electronic community websiteutrave.org paint a scene of police brutality and mayhem, many accounts bearing eyewitness to the forceful arrest of young girls.




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