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FEMA Left Poor to Die


FEMA's Decisions Have a Nameby

Barbara Morrill (BarbinMD)10 January 2006
Last month, an ePluribus Media investigation revealed the crippling effects on FEMA's ability to prepare for and respond to a disaster in the wake of the Department of Homeland Security's Second Stage Review (2SR). As the second attempt to restructure the department since 2001, 2SR was based on the recommendations in a study by The Heritage Foundation and the Center of Strategic and International Studies.

Yet, in the aftermath of the terrible loss of life, property, and a way of life for untold thousands, one must ask if the real disaster of Hurricane Katrina didn't strike months before, a thousand miles away, when Secretary Michael Chertoff announced the decision to implement 2SR. This story is an attempt to put a human face on people affected by this decision, and while doing so, remembering that the 2006 hurricane season begins in just five months. Will FEMA's mission be accomplished this year?

As it has for more than 20 years, FEMA’s mission remains...

~~Wow, When uncovered that Heritage Foundation report, and how it focused on infrastructures that really didn't affect people, I had a general idea of how Chertoff's 2SR was designed to hurt people.I'm almost speechless after reading your story. I mean, kfred put together a great sidebar with the December story with links to news stories related to the neglected infrastructures. But what you've done takes it a step further--maybe in a direction we really don't want to go, but we must go there. We've got to keep going back to the Bush administration's failure to answer to the people.
Thank you for writing the story.

~Great Fema's Ghost! Terrific work. Is there any aspect of our social deconstruction that right wing think tanks like Heritage and CSIS don't have a hand in?

~How much more heartache??? Thank you - you took us where we would not go even if dragged by our hair, but go we must.I just can't get my brain around the cold-hearted thoughtlessness, or the short-sightedness of the thinktanks. How souless must they be to think these thoughts, how cold are these supposed leaders of ours to implement these plans?

~FEMA and possible pandemic Your post here is a great reminder that we are, for all intents and purposes, completely on our own. As it seems very unlikely FEMA or any other gov agency will be of much help in future disasters. Let's take one possibility that may affect the whole country... Asian(bird) influenza pandemic.

So far there have been a couple of articles in our major daily paper on the need for a two-week home food and supply inventory, in the case of a quarantine. Local doctors and city official have had some talks, no definite conclusion, no plan, no recommendations for the public. County nurses have heard they will be responsible for much of the health care... How? They are currently understaffed and underbudgetted. Again, I ask how?

If the ramifications of a possible pandemic have been discussed here previously please let me know.
I'm normally at BoomanTribune, but I can see I will need to be spending some more time here. You've developed a great site in the interval since the Gannon/Guckert days. ~~

the corruption is simply beyond belief. The hyper-inflation we will all face form this profligate, deficit spending is astronomical. Already gold is soaring in anticipation of a plummeting dollar. new orleans will prove to the world that the dollar is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on humanity...It's only backed up by bush's ever-increasing debt.

~~~The devastation about to be unleashed on New Orleans will make Katrina seem like a summer breeze.

This could turn out to be the most disgusting, greedy, and heartless act thus far

Placing rove in charge of the rebuilding of New Orleans is just another attempt to foil the Fitzgerald Grand jury, when Fitzgerald returns indictments against Rove Bush will paint Rove as indispensable to the recovery of the Gulf and Fitzgerald’s indictment as a partisan attempt to interfere with recovery attempts. Having rove in charge of the recovery will give Bush “a legitimate reason” to pardon Rove thereby burying the investigation into Plame’s outing. Rove has NEVER been in charge of anything except partisan politics; to suddenly place him in charge of the largest public works program in the memory of the vast majority of Americans alive today has to be more than an attempt to shovel billions to Halliburton and cronies (Any Bush hack could do that with the blessing of Congress). Rove must be seen as indispensable to the well being of the nation, as usual the republicans place partisan politics above EVERYTHING, EVEN THE DEATHS OF THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS (SEE 9/11/2001)

Such as the sometimes ghoulish Congressional attempts to transform the entire Gulf Coast into a giant laboratory for the social Darwinist agenda radical Republicans have mostly failed to inflict on the nation at large.

Well, they certainly better re-think and have a care here, because they are toying with setting off a socio-economic time bomb that could wreak havoc and make Katrina's natural devastation look like a party aftermath.

In today's Denver Post, p. 6A, a disturbing story, 'Charley Evacuees Hold Lessons for Katrina's Victims' shows how those hurricane victims from Charlotte County, FL serve as a cautionary tale.

As the article notes, the free shelters- in the form of FEMA-supplied trailers- were initially welcomed by thankful survivors. But almost a year later, most are still there - waiting and hiping for housing. They are becoming "increasingly frustrated, depressed and desperate".

A major reason is that while they've been in those trailers, no home reconstruction has occurred - there's been no will for capital re-investment on low cost homes - and meanwhile the housing market has exploded. Houses are now 50-60% higher and rents are unaffordable. (now $900-1000 a month). (As apts. were restored, landlords found that they could substantially increase their rents in a very tight market, and they plan to keep them there).

According to Bob Hebert, director of recovery for Charlotte Ctt, cited in the article: "FEMA city is now a socio-economic time bomb just waiting to blow up".

He adds that - you have all these different people- already under tremendous stress (they must vacate their free FEMA trailers in Feb.) and "bad things will happen". Especially as, according to him, "they have no where else to go".

Toss in the hundreds of thousands of displaced folk, families from Katrina and you have the making of an even bigger social catastrophe. Toss in a host of Social Darwinist "weeding" methods, and you have the "match" that may set the whole national tinderbox on fire.

Hebert advises those setting up trailer camps for the N.O. and other Gulf residents, ""not to have big camps with thousands of people, because it doesn't work". As he points out, in his area crime and vandalism at the site have exploded.

Of course, the social Darwinists may not care in the end. If they can get all the poor people (estimated now at some 37 million) to kill each other as they shout 'Cry havoc, unleash the dogs of civil war!' it will mean they can move to the next round of their pre-Peak Oil survival of the fittest strategy: eliminating the middle class - or better- getting them to eliminate themselves.

~It's true. I live in Lee County, one over from Charlotte County. "Regular Folks" are getting priced out of this area... my daughter and her husband are having a terrible time saving for a home purchase. The divide is frightening...

Please read this article - a response to an overheard conversation in a restaurant recently about Katrina, God's blessings, and the social divide.



~SPECIAL REPORT: Unacceptable': The federal response to Katrina


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