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NSA and Domestic Espionag PsyOps Against US Citizens

22 December 2005The NSA and Domestic Espionage (Part Two)

Grab'em by the balls, and their hearts and minds will follow.
-Vietnam era slogan

The Bush NSA FISA "leak"story is a modified limited hangout (if it can be called that) dirty trick to intentionally expose (as opposed to cover up) a domestic psychological warfare operation against the citizens of the United States in a time of "war."

It is a surveillance and Fourth Amendment information warfare version of the Abu Gharib scandal.

George W. Bush has intentionally discredited himself again with another so called "leak" in order to scare the American people into further complicity in and passive acceptance of the so called "war on terror" and the war in Iraq. This "scandal" further perpetuates the image of the Bush Administration as lawless, dangerous, reckless and even bumbling rogue mercenaries capable of anything. This is a "three-headed hydra" psychological operation, with the Pentagon and FBI at the end of the other two "heads."

The Democrats and the American people are falling for it again-- hook, line and sinker.
Is there no end to the myopia ?

Senator Chuch Hagel (R-NE) via Daily Kos. An appropriately myopic reply from Senator Hagel:
"Every president, that we know of, has complied with the law (FISA)," Hagel said. "No president is above the law. We are a nation of laws and no president, majority leader, or chief justice of the Supreme Court can unilaterally or arbitrarily avoid a law or dismiss a law. If the vice president holds a different point of view, then he holds a different point of view."

Based on the facts that are out there concerning whether domestic spying abuses were taking place, Hagel said, there was a "breakdown."

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=Is it possible Bush is lying about a lie ? The lie in this case being an at least three decades old charade about a FISA court order being required to surveil on the American people?

The back channel British liaison officer loophole is still in effect, despite the FISA provisions.
More from John Loftus:

FISA is restricted only to targeting by American agencies, leaving the British liaison officer with a major loophole. The restrictive language added to FISA left unchanged the arrangement under which the British wiretapped American suspects and then passed on the information to the NSA.



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