Tuesday, January 17, 2006

NSA Illegal Spying to Blackmail for Congressional Votes - Dems Failing to Stand Up for Americans

The Reid "organized crime statement" is interesting.
He used a really attention-getting comparison but really didn't justify it in the speech.Is there stuff he could have included in the speech but left out that justifies the comparison?Maybe he was counting on audience members in Congress to fill in the blanks with anecdotes from their own lives.

Get Down, Get Dirty OK, just some surmise here:

These are just random things, a rant of sorts, and no, I don't have Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt that would stand up in a court of law.

OK, BushCo spies bigtime on Merkans from Day One.

If that's true, then gee, it could not have been a response to 9-11, since that happened months AFTERWARD.

I recall reading somewhere on the almighty internet that DARPA and other dark-forces elements of the military-industrial complex were helping promote Diebold-style computerized voting overseas, referring to the systems as "election solutions."


Also, get ye back to the Franklin Credit Union coverup, and the stories about how a lot of high-level pols of BOTH parties are routinely blackmailed by being photographed f'ing children, or at best persons not their lawfully weddeds, at Washington sex parties.

Now I'm beginning to hear voices bouncing off my Reynoldswrap-chapeau. What if the Pugs were pissed off at having been out of office due to Ross Perot, and had in mind from before Scalia hadda bail 'em out that it was time to make national elections a complete farce, complete sideshow, with assured "election solution" outcomes (PUGS WIN!) while maintaining the hoopla, the illusion we schmucks have of choosing our overlords, and (bien sur messieurs-dames) continuing to serve as the occasion for soliciting bribes.

And, maybe so many of our valiant Democratic leaders fold up when the rubber hits the fascist road, 'cause they know that NSA and Bush have those photos from the men's room at the Vince Lombardi Rest Area on the New Jersey Turnpike, what when the Boy Scouts were there and all.
Couldn't our Elected Representatives maybe just be satisfied with a discreet mistress like in the old days? Do they have to f*** little boys 'n' girls, especially when they know, or ought to know, that the camera's a-rollin'?

Google "Craig Spence" and "Lawrence King" and "Oma" and child sex abuse." Also, supposedly a lot of Merkan runaways end up as sex slaves to Saudi royals, and the State Department lets 'em take US kids out of the country.

I think we're getting into the end-game of a decades-long plan. It involves blackmail, drugs, treason, shredding the Constitution in favor of the Fuehrerprinzip; slaughtering a few thousand "nobodies" to get the blank check for fascism of wars and aggression, and wagering that, as long as they get to punch an impressive-looking machine on "election day," only a tiny percentage of Merkans will get much exercised if the computer changes 6% of all of the "Kerry" votes to "Bush" votes or "Cleland" votes to "Chambliss" votes etc.

The best hope is that some patriots inside the beast start speaking out, because hardly any Merkans are willing to fight to preserve their freedom.

Y'all keep connecting dots, now, hear?


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