Sunday, February 05, 2006

Glenn Greenwald is talking to Dem members of the Judiciary in hopes that they will do better with NSA Hearings that the Alito Debacle

The 4th Amendment is the embodiment of that concept and to allow the President of the Untited
States to violate that Amendment, unchecked, is to grant to him powers that were denied to even
the King of England.

The 4th Amendment is America's "No Trespassing" sign, and it takes a warrant for even the
President to trespass against American citizens. Unless we concede to be less than serfs under a

here is an article which links to a declassified document in pdf that seems to say that the
NSA warrantless spying started prior to 9/11. YOu may already have this but it would seem to kill
Bush's arguments that "9/11 is a different kind of war" that requires he ignore FISA. It also would
seem to call into question his claim that the Sept. authorization for use of force gave him implicit
authourity to conduct this surveillance.

Here is something interesting: Cheney and Rumsfeld sought expanded wiretaps earlier than
9/11 -- during the Ford Administration!


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