Saturday, February 04, 2006

Juan Cole has excellent articles on NSA Spy Scandal

you need to read this post from Juan Cole going back to August 2004, will put some of the pieces in place for you: expands.html

I have been hoping like hell that Fitz trips on the AIPAC stuff as he goes about his work; figured he has a good chance of it if he was looking into the Niger documents themselves.

Juan Cole's latest which is a very good King George rant .... but what struck me is Cole's comment further down the page, linked to a rather bland UPI article:

There is some sort of deep dark conspiracy involved in the stationing of 120 Bulgarian troops at the Ashraf base in Iraq to guard 4000 members of the Iranian dissident terrorist cult, the Mojahedin-e Khalq [MEK]. The group was used by Saddam to blow things up in Iran, and has been defended by Neocons in the US such as Daniel Pipes and Patrick Clawson. The Iraqi Shiites want it out of Iraq, but instead the Pentagon has kept it in place. A lot of the phony intelligence about alleged Iranian nuclear weapons programs is manufactured by the MEK, which has bought a number of powerful US senators and congressmen.

Anyone know more about this - our favorite Gorilla perhaps?


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